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Dlayer – Major milestone approaching

The last time I wrote about reaching a milestone was back in February, Release 0.12 was a big jump towards my goal because three modules/designers were communicating with each other.

The next milestone revolves around images, in the early v0.50s I will start working on the first tools that use images from the Image library, initially that will be adding a background image and adding an image as a content item.

Why is this such a major step?

Once the first few tools that use the Image library are developed the quality of the templates and content pages that can be created with Dlayer jumps massively.

After images the next major milestone is widgets, everything up to this point can be regarded as the groundwork for the Widget designer, that is the real Dlayer.

Dlayer – Release 0.47

New release up at Dlayer.com.

This release includes a copy/clone tool and an edit tool. The copy tool creates a new item in the library, separate from the original and the edit tool allows the user to edit the base details for the library image and all versions.

Dlayer – Release 0.46

New release up at Dlayer.com.

Add to library tool is now functional, the processing code doesn’t yet create thumbnails, the thumbnails are currently just the original images with width and height set.

In addition to the above there have also been a few minor changes, check the development log for all changes.

I’m working on the copy tool next, after that the short term development list includes the crop tool, thumbnail generation, an update to move the uploaded images from the file system to the database and then the first tools that use images from the Image library.

Dlayer – Release 0.45

New release up at Dlayer.com.

Pagination has been added to the Image library, it defaults to 24 images per page, pagination controls only display when relevant.

The sort options now only appear when there are images and a display all sub category has been added to the filter form.

Dlayer – Release 0.44

New release up at Dlayer.com.

The image library preview has been updated again, a description has been added to the upload form, initial HTML added for the copy and crop tools, individual image versions are now selectable and I have also added a sort.

To see the full list of changes check the development log at Dlayer.com.

I’ve a couple more small updates to make to the Image library and then I will work on the tools, initially upload.

Unlike release 0.43 this one shouldn’t need an emergency patch, still not sure why the session class worked on my development servers and failed on live but either way it is fixed now, debugging errors on my live server is a little difficult, at some point I need to move away from my current hosts.

Dlayer – Release 0.43

New release up at Dlayer.com

Updated the tools and session management code for the Image library, version id will now be available to all tools.

Added a preview of the image detail page, the image detail page will allow the user to select and use all the image editing pages, because it isn’t relevant the filter is hidden on the detail page.

Dlayer – Release 0.42

New release up at Dlayer.com

The Image library preview has been updated, all data now comes from the database, in the last release all the data was static.

The category and sub category tools now work, a user is able to create categories and sub categories and then later edit them, the filtering options work but currently the test images all sit in one category and sub category.

Next on the list is a preview of the image detail page showing all the image details including content usage and version history, after that I’ll work on the ability to actually upload images to the Image library.

Dlayer – Release 0.41

New release up at Dlayer.com.

One listed bug has been fixed and another found, well expanded.

The import form bug is fixed, a user should not be able to import a form that won’t fit into the selected page container.

The content width modifier bug now has a sibling, the content width modifier needs to respect the validation rules imposed by the import form tool, currently it is possible to reduce the size of a page container so that the minimum width of the form isn’t respected.

I’ve also fixed a few issues relating to the tools, specifically values not be passed  correctly from the database to the tool forms or the data classes to the forms.

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