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Over the last couple of days I have run into a problem that I haven’t experienced for several years. Normally when I need to develop a new system/module I can normally conceptualise the core classes and basic structure that think I am going to require. The next step is to spec out specifically what I need on paper but because I already have an idea of what I need at that point it is more a case of testing the design and looking for potential errors.

Please don’t think that I am trying to say I get it right first time, like everyone else I don’t but even so it is the same process, as in I can conceptualise what I want.

I’m happy with the database structure for Dlayer but am having problem thinking about the classes I am going to need, I know the basics obviously but as I started to code I couldn’t ‘get it’. I’ve therefore opted to go back to simple procedural coding to complete phase 1 and 2 and then refactor/rewrite the code once I get an idea of the real requirements.