I have been thinking a lot lately about how to manage pages, in the earlier versions of my framework I just had a ‘pages’ table and a ‘relationships’ table, pages simply sit either above or below another page. Selecting the pages you wanted (for say a menu) simply required selecting all the ids you wanted, which could be done via groups.

The groups existed to allow control, for example you may want some links to show in the side menu but not appear in the footer.

I’ve decided to approach things in a slightly different way, pages are created as normal but other than selecting the controller they reside in no relationship is added or implied, pages are just rows of data in a table.

We then have a ‘menu_groups’ and menu_items’ table, which allow you to build up your menu and structure exactly as you would like it, if something needs to appear in the side menu, footer and top menu it can, you just select it from the list and add it where you want it.

I realise this is only a subtle change to the original way things worked by I feel it is far more powerful.


Last month for my birthday my finance gave me a voucher for a solo driving experience in an Aston Martin DB9, purchased from

We (my mate and I) drove up to Stafford on a Sunday, it took two hours and thirty minutes. We arrived at ten past two, twenty minutes before my ‘experience’ was due to begin. Walking from my car we were both feeling positive, in the distance we could see an Aston Martin DB9, Porshe 911 and an Audi R8.

First things first I booked in, a simple case of signing the waiver and saying yes or no to insurance, another twenty quid. At the time I thought I would be driving around a ‘track’ at high speed so figured the insurance was a good idea, oh how wrong was I.

I was told that my briefing was at two thirty five, just a few minutes to wait until the fun would begin. We walked over to where everyone was waiting and saw the edge of the track, in fact, I also thought I could see the far edge of the track, no I thought, that can’t be the case.

There were six cars on the track, as it rounded the corner by us I started watching the DB9, the driver wasn’t driving very quickly but it looked like he was doing his best…thirty seconds later he was down at our corner again…we looked at each other…no, that can’t be the same car, maybe there are two DB9’s….thirty seconds later, nope just the one.

After a few moments I turned to my mate and said, “ok, the track is quite short, maybe you get to drive for a decent length of time”. We kept an eye on the DB9 the next time it went out to see how long the driver was on the track for. We started chatting about something, out of the corner of my eye I noticed that the DB9 came in for another driver switch. The next time it went out I counted the laps, basic arithmetic has never been one of my strong points, luckily I didn’t have to count too high, only needed the fingers on one hand and a pinky…yep…thats right, six.

Long story short, I drove two and a half hours to get to the ‘track’, waited two and half hours to get into the DB9, drove six laps, two and half minutes and then drove back to my house, another two and half hours.

I can therefore thoroughly not recommend going for a driving day in Stafford courtesy of

Early next year my mate and I are going to try and find a proper track day, you know, one were you get to appreciate driving the car and actually drive on a track.

G3D Development Website

I’ve finally developed enough of the framework to allow me to create my new website, so far it is going really well, I’ve finished the template and I’m starting on content management. It is likely to take me a few weeks to get the site up and running, I will list my progress here.