WordPress Theme

For now I have decided to stay with WordPress for the blog section of my site, I have far too many other things to be doing at the moment to spend time creating a blog, especially when WordPress is so good.

The theme will match my website, bar a few little quirks that is complete, I¬†just need to finish the content management for my framework, I’m hoping to get a basic version of my site up before the 20th.

Theme screenshot below

Wordpress Theme
Wordpress Theme

5 Replies to “WordPress Theme”

  1. Not really, the only thing that has changed is the background gradient to the header, I may add it back in later, depends how large the site design ends up being. – Oh yeah, and no search box, not relevant on the blog.

  2. I recall the logo having a neon green glow, that’s what I was referring to!

    I’m pleased the design is going to be used, I had fun making it.

  3. Ah, ok.

    There was a strange artifact in the PSD over the logo, that must have been the glow, had to delete it because it wasn’t showing correctly.

  4. Probably something I failed to notice on my monitor, it’s not particularly great (my latest design is way too dark for most monitors, for example, I need to fix that)

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