First tutorial – XML form builder

I have finally published my first tutorial, a few days later then planned. I had originally intended on creating a page in WordPress for the tutorial but decided that it would make more sense to create a dynamic system so I can easily create more tutorials.

The first tutorial explains how to use my XML form builder, it creates a form with a couple of elements, one of which includes an email validation rule, over time I will add additional form tutorials.

I have also published the unique validation class and added the XML form processor, there wasn’t a lot of point showing the form processor before I had written the tutorial.

For now the tutorials are going to sit at the bottom of the documentation page, once I have added a few more I will create a new section for them.

I’ve a new contract starting next week so I am not sure how much time I am going to have to update my blog, you can bet that if I have any spare time I will be working on one of projects and if so will report here.