Development Update

Keen viewers will have noticed that I have missed the release deadline for my framework, there are two reasons for this, one personal and the other development based.

I’m currently contracting for a company in London meaning I’m having to spend a huge amount of time traveling, this has reduced my personal development time to almost zero, secondly, after using my new framework for three projects I have decided that I would like to make a couple of amendments.

The three areas I feel that I need to address are widgets, basic content management and models, my reasons are below.

I don’t feel that my models do enough, they need more base functionality.

Widgets are working out ok, I just need to control class seperation and extension of base widgets a little better then I have been, things get a little cluttered on large projects.

Basic content management needs to be re-written, the current system is not suitable. Whenever I create a site it includes a cms for all content management, dynamic content (news, galleries, faq, tutorials etc) always have custom systems, the problem is with basic content pages (about, contact etc). I’ve decided because widgets handle everything else it makes sense for them to handle basic content and have a ‘simple content widget’ which allows you to manage base content that same way as dynamic content.

The estimated release date for the framework is now “When it is done!”