Dlayer, forward one, back two, forward one

Dlayer development for Phase 5 and 6 has been completed, phew.

It has never been our intention that Dlayer will be production ready when I reach Phase xxx, it is very much a work in progress and when it is released it will be as an alpha/beta, we hope to get plenty of feedback from the community which will help with reworking Dlayer ready for the product release.

Whilst working on Phase 5 it hit me that something wasn’t quite right, I decided to re-architect some of the code I wrote during the last couple of phases, specifically making the code a little simpler, no logic validation or edge case testing.

Due to the nature of Dlayer each phase builds upon the last one, as such I can’t presume to know now the edge cases or checks that I need to put in the code until I build upon or add a feature, there is every possibility that I will rip out hundreds of lines of code each time I build upon a feature. I need to keep in mind that I am not building something like an e-commerce system where I know all the features required beforehand or have a specification and previous experience to work from, Dlayer is a much more complex system and I am effectively working it out as I go along.

Midway through Phase 6 I reviewed the phases I outlined last month, after working on Phase 5 and 6 I decided that they were too large and complicated, each phase needs to be small and focused, that way I can maintain momentum and concentrate on one or two specific features at a time.

The first internal review is scheduled for next Tuesday, 23rd November. This is the first real milestone, from this point on in addition to me testing will be undertaken by my project manager/tester and we will both map out the post Xmas development, up until Jan/Feb 2011 the development process has been set as bugs/currently mapped out phases.