Slow progress but a boost is coming soon.

On the 23rd November we had our first internal review, everything went very well, my project manager (Dan) will hopefully take over management at the end of February giving me much more time to concentrate on development.

I finished phase 7 of development a couple of weeks before the holidays, it was quite a small phase that didn’t add too many features and I didn’t have any issues.

For the past month I have been working on phase 8 and I have at least 3 weeks of development, possibly more, left to do. Right at the start of the phase I realised I wouldn’t be able to add the new features that I had planned to develop without making the current logic overly complex so a rewrite was in order for the module in question.

The code I am working on at the moment drives the entire system, it is very likely that it will need to be reviewed and redeveloped as the complexity of dlayer increases. As it stands today the planned code looks fit for purpose for the foreseeable future, so much so that once I finish phase 8 I will have already added in all the features for phases 9, 10 and 11.