Unexpected but very positive

Dan and I had a review of Dlayer progress the Sunday after my post below. It went in a direction that I wasn’t expecting; however the results were very positive.

Initially the intention was to create Dlayer and then once the functionality had been created we were going to spend a considerable amount of time working on the usability and look of the app. Dan suggested that we pause development where we were and then go back and review usability now, specifically working on making the app work in a way that wasn’t necessarily as one would expect a web development tool to work.

We spent a few hours discussing our ideas and afterwards we agreed that it would probably be beneficial to think about potentially using different technologies and usability before continuing too much further down the development path.

Over the next few weeks I spent a lot of time thinking about both using different technologies and where Dlayer would get if I continued developing on my current path.

Dlayer has now been split into two different applications, the Dlayer Designer and the Dlayer Builder. The Designer app is aimed at the general populous and the Builder is aimed at users that need or want more control over what their website or web app does. The Builder app takes the output from the Designer as a starting block, we are also toying with the idea of  builder the Designer using several different technologies and input methods, more on that much, much later.

The code that I have created up to this point will move into the Builder app, for now though we are working on the Designer app, it will be much easier for us to sort out usability with the more limited feature set.