Starting to get very interesting

I’ve just released a new version of Dlayer for internal testing/planning and am working on another which is focusing mainly on code smells and refactoring.

Once milestone 7 is complete things start to get very interesting.

At the moment the app is all about design, you are setting out what you want your pages to look like, from milestone 8 onwards the app will start allowing users to define content.

As it stands now the app is very easy to use and has a very low learning curve, hopefully we will be able to maintain this as additional functionality is added to the app, the success of Dlayer very much depends on this.

Dlayer development strides on

The last month has been very productive as far as Dlayer designer Is concerned, I have put four releases up on my server for testing and have marked out the goals for the next five minor releases.

If everything goes to plan and we don’t have to stop to rework the usability of any features the current goal is that the app will be able to build a rudimentary web page by build nine.

Web page wasn’t a typo, at the moment we are concentrating very much on the usability of the designer part of the app before we worry about building support for site, domain and user management.

At this point the goal is very much to have a limited public preview up by the end of the year. The success of Dlayer very much depends on the usability of the app, we are going to want as much feedback as we can get our hands on. Initially the app will beĀ  shown here on my website and blog, it will be a little while before we give it a home of its own.

As always things are subject to change, we are a very small team and I am getting married early next month. My Mrs isn’t too keen on me taking my laptop to Ireland and on our cruise later in the month so I am not sure how much development I will be able to do over the next six weeks.