Slow progress

At times progress with Dlayer can appear frustratingly slow but it is all an issue of perspective. I’m not going to defend Dlayer not being at alpha stage, I’d love to be able to open it up to external testers but it just isn’t there yet.

All the work over the last year related to just one aspect of Dlayer, working out how the layout system needs to work. There are three main areas to Dlayer, the layout system, content and site management.

The layout system is not finished, I still need to do quite a bit more work before its finished but that isn’t the point.  It took several iterations but I do believe I’ve managed to solve the problems with regards to working out how to solve the problem. The approach I have devised is both simple to use yet still exposes enough functionality for users that want more control.

There is only so far you can get with a layout system before you need to stop working on it, I was a little too close to see that I could in fact stop and move onto the next part of the project.  The next part obviously being content, what good is developing a layout system if you have no content to display.

Over the next couple of weeks I am going to wrap up development on the layout system and move onto the content system. Unlike the layout system I don’t need to work out how to approach the system, I will just use the same approach as the layout system.

The first part of the content system will be a form builder, after all, what point is there to Dlayer if you can’t crate a form for your website.