One step closer to the content designer

I’ve just merged in another branch, two smallish branches away from reaching feature parity with version 2 of Dlayer., been a long time getting here but once I’ve developed the next two features I get to move into new territory.

I’ve struggled in the past to get Dlayer futher than this because without realising it I’ve been trying to put too much functionality into the layout designer, thinking too much like a developer rather than my intended user.

Looking forward to working on the content designer because that is when I get to see if the concept will work.


In Dlayer the layout tools are very simple to use, they are however quite complex behind the scenes, whilst developing version 2 of Dlayer I spent a considerable amount of time thinking about how the user will use the system and added additional back end logic to simplify the front end.

Whilst working on version 3 at the weekend I had a flash of inspiration, the additional code I’d put in to simplify the UI was no longer needed and the reason was simple, version 2 was trying to do too much in the layout designer, remove the excess functionality (should be part of the content manager really) and the problem goes away, now I have the nice easy to use layout tools and less complex code to drive it.