Dlayer: Work begins on the content manager

It has been several months since my last post, again.

I’ve been incredibly busy finishing up at my latest contract, days, weeks and months have flown by whilst I’ve been trying to squash bugs, add those final touches and improve the UX. Over the last couple of weeks and for the rest of this month I’m helping to train up the new hire that will take over after I finish, he has a huge task ahead of him, I’ve been developing Riviam full time for the last 10 months.

I’ve had some personal development time on Dlayer during the last four months but as always, never as much as I’d like, during the next couple of months I have the luxury of taking a bit of time off work to concentrate on Dlayer.

I’ve recently merged in three more development branches, version 3 of Dlayer will reach feature parity with version 2 and 1 this week, the UX and UI have improved leaps and bounds which each version but hitting feature parity is a nice feeling.

The development of the content manager will begin this week, no point being able to design a template if you can’t create a page from it and add content.

Most of the design for the content manager was done a couple of years ago, I just need to review the designs and update accordingly, UI has changed significantly since version 1.

The content manager itself should be relatively simple in comparison to the template designer, adding content, text, images, forms etc is quite simple, the complexity comes from how to manage that content and providing a very simple UI consistent with the rest of the app that allows the user to create a website, not just a web page, I’m starting small though, I’ll get a page working and then iterate.