Dlayer: Content manager and maybe an alpha release.

A little bit later than planned but late last week I started work on the Dlayer Content manager, progress is slow but that is to be expected, the system is pretty complicated and although I have quite a lot planned the specifics need to be worked out.

I’m going to continue working on the Content manager until the 10th of March and then move over to the Form builder. I won’t be finished with the Content manager, far from, but I want to get the ground work for the Form builder in place before I start my next contract.

In March I’m hoping to release the first alpha of Dlayer, it will pretty limited but it should give people an idea of the app and what I am trying to achieve, it is going to take a while yet to finish but progress is going well, hopefully progress will continue at a reasonable pace during my next contract, be it on the train or whilst most of the UK is sleeping. I’m not sure when I will get time to work on the Website manager and Widget designer, next break maybe, there will however be plenty to do in the Template designer, Content manager and Form builder.