When it is done!

In my professional work my estimates are normally pretty accurate, obviously I get one wrong every now and again but for the most part my gut feeling is spot on. I’ve got such a varied experience in the applications I’ve built that typically when I’m presented with a new problem I’ve probably dealt with the majority of the building blocks before.

When it comes to the development of Dlayer all the rules go out the window.

I’ve been planning and working on Dlayer in one form or another since 2008, longer than I’ve known my wife. As I’ve said before I haven’t been building the same version for 5 years, I’ve gone through many versions and one or two periods where I nearly stopped.

What I’m developing at the moment is more of a preview than anything, I’m still many years (of part time solo development) from my vision being complete, I just need to get something out there that I can iterate and potentially get other people interested in.

As good as I am at estimates for some reason I just keep failing with them when it comes to Dlayer, as far as I can see there are three reasons.

Personal development time is tough to find, I’ve recently taken two months off work to work on Dlayer full time, as good as that period was it took a little time to be in the position to take two months off work, with out first child being due in July I’m not sure at the moment when I am going to get another free block, I’m hoping for something near the end of the year but we’ll see.  I’m therefore back to working on Dlayer in the evenings, I’m actually pretty quick but it is always going to be slow when you grab a few hours here and there.

Life has a funny way of getting in the way, as much as I like to plan my development time there is always some external factor I either didn’t know about or caught me off guard, at the moment it isn’t unusual that a week can go by and for one reason or many others I won’t have been able to do anything on Dlayer.

Dlayer is very different to anything else I’ve ever worked on, although visually it may appear very simple the underlying complexity is staggering given the freedom the app will eventually allow you, because of this almost everything I am doing is new.

All that aside I am getting much closer to the first Alpha, I’m calling it an Alpha but really it is just a base for the initial three modules. To release the first version I need to get the initial add and edit controls in for the content manager and form builder.