Out of date

For the last couple of years the content on my website has been a little out of date, specifically anything relating to my framework and projects. After committing fully to the Zend Framework for Dlayer continuing development of my own framework didn’t make any sense. I also had projects listed that were separate to Dlayer, as time has gone on these have mostly been wrapped into Dlayer.

I have temporarily converted the site over to just my blog with some default plain styling.

Once I am happy with Dlayer progress I will re-instate the website with accurate information, as with everything, no idea when this will be, soon(TM).


At the moment I’m working hard trying to get the first alpha of Dlayer on the web, there will still be a long way to go after the first release but it is an important step in the process, it will be the first time I officially show what I’m planning. The first release can’t give a full overview of where I am going with Dlayer because it is still so early but hopefully there will be enough.

Whilst getting the first release ready I keep getting caught out by the complex relationships that are needed for the app to work, almost everything relies on many other parts of the app.

After over a decade of development obviously I’ve built many apps and all of them have relationships, after all they wouldn’t work if one part of the app didn’t interact with another.

In my experience the relationships in most apps are simple, there are lots of them but individually they are quite simple. With a shop for example there is a relationship between a product and basket and another relationship between the order and the delivery details.  These different pieces of data need to communicate with each other but in both cases the contract is simple, as long as the product has a price the basket can accept it and as long as delivery details are complete they can be attached to an order.

Dlayer by design is much more complicated than most apps I build, there are contracts between different data sets but they are more complex and there are many more of them, a by-product of everything being dynamic.

I’m getting there and will make some more blog posts after the first release, I will be able to go into a lot more detail when the app is public.

No ETA, I’ll just got with soon(TM), the first alpha release will be made when I am happy with the base framework.