Dlayer, development now happening in public

I’ve just released the first alpha for Dlayer at Dlayer.com

What is it?

Dlayer is an app I’ve been thinking about, planning and working on in my free time for several years.

Dlayer has one core goal, to simplify web site development.

Dlayer is not a clever template system, a user retains full control over every element and attribute without ever having to write a single line of HTML/CSS or code.

What state is it at?

Dlayer is very much an alpha, in its current state it is effectively featureless and it cannot complete its core task which is to allow a user to create a web site, or even a web page.

Why release it now?

I’ve been working on Dlayer for a very long time and it has gone through many iterations. I believe I’ve finally managed to develop a fantastic foundation which I can build upon and realise a glimmer of the original dream.

As a one man team working in my free time there is a limit to how much I can do, I figured because it will likely be a few more years until I’m finished now is a great time to let people see what I am and have been working on.

I will be publishing a development log on Dlayer.com so you will be able to see how progress is going.

I don’t understand?

If you play around with Dlayer today you’ll probably come away thinking that!

I accept that is going to happen but I’d rather release and develop in public now than continue working in secret.

As time goes by the modules will start being linked together and hopefully you will start to get an idea of what it is I’m trying to create.

The real power behind Dlayer lies in the widget designer, once that is in place everything will become clear. The widget designer is a mash-up of the other modules with lots of dynamic tools thrown in to allow you to create almost anything, menus, galleries, you name it. Until I have the base system working at a level I’m happy with I can’t commit fully to the widget designer.

How often will Dlayer.com be updated?

Daily, weekly and monthly, it depends very much on what task I’m trying to tackle.

I’m happy with the release process I’ve set up for Dlayer.com so I can confidently release as often as I like. For smaller updates I may just update the development log on Dlayer.com, for larger updates I’ll probably also have a corresponding blog post here.

How long till the modules start to interact?

I’m hoping to have the form builder, template designer and content manager talking to each by the end of the year.