I realised after making the first release of Dlayer last month that I had been a little/lot stupid, seems I was too close to spot the obvious.

Dlayer doesn’t have a user system, when a project only runs on your development machine  it doesn’t really make a lot of sense to waste time, especially when you are on the third version of the app.

This means that all visitors to act as a single user, this is obviously going to cause issues if there is more than one person on the site (hahahaha). If one user attempts to work on one page in a site and another user on another page or another site, they are just going to keep getting each other sent back to the root because session values won’t match on different requests or be valid.

I’m going to add my authentication system in the new branch, simple user/password, no account creation or anything, username and passwords will be on the entry page, if one doesn’t work just try the next set, I’ll add 3-5 text accounts so for now there should not be a problem logging in.