Dlayer – Release 0.08

New release up at Dlayer.com

Release 8 was supposed to allow a user to import a form from the Form builder into a page created in the Content manager, I’ve pushed that back to a later release, hopefully the next major release.

During my time off over the holidays I spent some time testing and playing with the app, I realised I kept needing to scroll vertically when working in the modules.

In each of the modules, the Form builder, Content manager and Template designer the design is pushed down below the ribbon, unless I was working on the top third of a design I needed to scroll.

I’ve moved the ribbon to the right side of the page along with the tools, in addition I’ve also adjusted the width of all the modules, now 1366 pixels, 1024 for the design and the rest for the tools and options.

I’ve always had plans to develop multiple versions of Dlayer, at the moment I am concentrating on the browser version, once I’m happy with the state of the browser version I’ll develop the client side version, the client side version of the app will use the exact same layout as the web version, hence the new width.

In addition to the layout changes I’ve updated the base styling, I’ve simplified the styling for the tools and tool options and squashed a few bugs.