Dlayer – Release 0.12

Major milestone release, three modules are now communicating with each other, much more to do but glad to be at this point finally.

This version allows a form to be imported from the Form builder into a content page as a content item.

When importing a form the user gets to define the size of the form container and the padding around the form. If a form is selected the user can edit the values.

Forms are attached by reference, any changes made to the form in the Form builder will show immediately on all pages in the Content manager that have the form attached.

As per all the previous releases forms don’t yet work, they just display the assigned field, forms will start to function later, I need to work on the layout and styling tools first.

The container width modifier has been updated to support the form content item, it uses the same rules as defined for a text area, if required, forms will resize in relation to the page block they have been attached to.

The development plan lists ‘some’ of the development work upcoming for the form builder.

Developing the import form tool exposed a couple of issues with the base tool system, specifically tool and content type strings not always matching. I patched the app to enable me to make this release but I now need to concentrate on making the corrections to the base system, that is what the majority of the next release will focus on, think of it as 12.1 🙂