Dlayer – Release 0.21

New release up at Dlayer.com, it adds a position tab to the text content item tool.

The position tab allows a user to set the margin values for a content item, this allows a user to control placement of the item within a page container, for example a content item can now be centred.

Position values follow the same rules as the width and padding values on a content item, a content item cannot be wider than the page container it belongs to, as per all content tools the validation is currently silent, eventually there will be user feedback.

The Dlayer Modifier system has been updated to take margin values into account when calculating if any content needs to have their width adjusted. The margin values are currently only used in the calculations to determine a new width for a content item, this isn’t correct, in a later branch I will prioritise changes to margins over changes to the width of the content item.

The position tab will be added to the heading and import form tools in the next release, I’ll also soon be putting together another blog post detailing the current modifier system and the complexities I am facing in prioritising changes.

Dlayer – Release 0.20

New release up at Dlayer.com

This release adds two example quick tools to the Form builder, name and email, initially they just pre-set the field values, the intention is to not display the form and when the Form builder supports it auto add validation rules and set other relevant settings.

The Form builder has also been updated to support tools which use existing content types, as per the Content manager the system wasn’t initially developed to allow multiple tools for a content type.

Back to the Content manager for the next release, I’m going to start work on the positioning tab for the content item tools.