Dlayer – Release 0.48

New release up at Dlayer.com.

For the last week I’ve been working on my public GitHub profile, specifically creating a couple of utility classes that will be neededĀ  to continue development of the Image library, specifically a resizer and cropper.

Versions of my Image cropper and Image resizer are now up on GitHub, these aren’t the actual versions that I am using within Dlayer, they are simpler more generic versions for other developers to either use as is or extend.

With thatĀ development out of the way I can continue with the development of the Image library, I need to update the add tool so that thumbnails are created on upload and I also need to add the first tool, crop.

Once these two tasks have been completed, with possibly one or two other small improvements I will develop the first design tool that uses an image from the Image library, the first tool will probably be adding a background image in the Template designer.