Current development branch tasks

I wanted to write an update to my ‘Backward to go forward‘ post, specifically what is required for Release 0.54. The majority of the changes will be in the Content manager, I need to simply the Template designer to create the simplest page template with which to use in the Content manager.

  • Remove all but the split horizontal tool from the Template designer, for now blocking out a heading, content area and footer is enough to enable me to work on the Content manager changes. (Done)
  • Add a tool and visual notification to the Template designer to allow the height of a container to be set as either fixed height or dynamic height, by default all containers have a dynamic height in the Content manager, they are only fixed in the Template designer to allow the user to select the container.
  • Content checks in the Template designer now need to check for the existence of content container row rather than content items themselves. (In progress)
  • The Template designer needs to provide a visual notification if a dependant content page has content in a content container block.
  • Disable the modifier system, until the system evolves further the problem previously solved by the current modifiers no longer exists, the modifier system will return later. (Done)
  • Add row support to the Content manager, a user will add rows to a content container into which they then add content items. (In progress)
  • Update content items to support setting their widths as twelfths of rows.
  • Create a helper to monitor the number of columns in each row, should not be more than 12.

I’m hoping to have Release 0.54 out within around a week.

Backward to go forward

Three of the five modules that were previously accessible to users have now been upgraded, I’m left with the Template designer and Content manager to upgrade. The Image library, Form builder and Website manager were all easy to upgrade because they can stand-alone, the Template designer and Content manager are intertwined.

Bootstrap works using a flexible grid system, there can be twelve columns in a row and multiple rows, the specific size of each row and column is not fixed, it is dependent on the size of the base content div, the Template designer worked with fixed widths and either fixed or dynamic heights.

The Template designer is now going to take a step back and just block out general content areas, for example, the header area, content area and footer area, rows and columns are going to managed in the Content manager.

Before adding any content to a content area a row will need to be added, once done, content items can be placed in the row and widths set, in twelfths, the Content manager will aid with ensuring there are no more than twelve columns in a row.

Once I have these basics working and have reached my major milestone I will update the development plan with the removed features and add on additional bootstrap support for grids such as nesting, offsetting and ordering.

After all the above the end result will be better than the system that I had originally, moving some of the layout options into the Content manager means that a user will have a much easier time managing some layouts and it drastically reduces the work required by the modifier system.

Dlayer – Release 0.52

New version up at

The Web site manager has been updated, as per the original release it is still only a preview, functionality will start being added once I finish the current design updates and reach my next major milestone.

If all goes to plan the v0.53 release will feature the Image library and the v0.54 release will feature the Content manager and Template designer, release v0.55 should be when I hit the major milestone I discussed back in July.

Dlayer – Release 0.51

New version up at

The Form builder has returned, same functionality as before, it is however now styled using Bootstrap and creates Bootstrap valid forms.

It took longer than planned to finish the styling for the first designer because I needed to work on the ribbons, tool bar and colour picker in addition to the generated form itself, hopefully the other designers won’t be quite as intensive now that I have completed the base styling work.

As mentioned in my last post the Content manager and Template designer are going to need a little extra work, as such I am going to work on the Web site manager preview and Image library first.