Current development branch tasks

I wanted to write an update to my ‘Backward to go forward‘ post, specifically what is required for Release 0.54. The majority of the changes will be in the Content manager, I need to simply the Template designer to create the simplest page template with which to use in the Content manager.

  • Remove all but the split horizontal tool from the Template designer, for now blocking out a heading, content area and footer is enough to enable me to work on the Content manager changes. (Done)
  • Add a tool and visual notification to the Template designer to allow the height of a container to be set as either fixed height or dynamic height, by default all containers have a dynamic height in the Content manager, they are only fixed in the Template designer to allow the user to select the container.
  • Content checks in the Template designer now need to check for the existence of content container row rather than content items themselves. (In progress)
  • The Template designer needs to provide a visual notification if a dependant content page has content in a content container block.
  • Disable the modifier system, until the system evolves further the problem previously solved by the current modifiers no longer exists, the modifier system will return later. (Done)
  • Add row support to the Content manager, a user will add rows to a content container into which they then add content items. (In progress)
  • Update content items to support setting their widths as twelfths of rows.
  • Create a helper to monitor the number of columns in each row, should not be more than 12.

I’m hoping to have Release 0.54 out within around a week.