Technical Debt

Technical debt can be a problem for any project and being an alpha level project Dlayer has a large amount of what Fowler describes as prudent-inadvertent debt.

Each of the Dlayer designers share the same base code, I started the development of Dlayer with the Template designer, moved onto the Form builder and then onto the Content manager, in moving from one designer to another I had to modify the base design each time, the largest changes being made when I developed the Content manager. With the benefit of hindsight I’ve been able to see how I should have developed the original base system, the Bootstrap update enabled me to make all the changes required to create a far more solid base than I had in July.

With this release I haven’t removed all my technical debt, as above Dlayer is an alpha level project, sections are always going to need to be reworked, I am however much more confident with the design I have now as well as the fact that the base system now spans five designers rather than three.