Dlayer – Release 0.68

New release up at Dlayer.com

No new functionality in this release, I’ve completed the initial development for adding images as content items in the Content manager and made a couple of minor updates/fixes to the Image library.

I’ve updated the sample site for each of the test users, it now includes a small image pulled from the Image library, the content item can’t be selected or edited, I just needed to get the display code in place ready for building the image tools.

I’m hoping to have the initial image tools and image picker in place within a few weeks.

Dlayer – Release 0.67

New release up at Dlayer.com

This release features a couple of minor UI and UX improvements, I also fixed a bug that removed the ability to jump back to the Content manager quickly after editing an assigned form.

The most important update in this release is the why page, it details why you might use Dlayer.

Widget designer is on the way

I was going to work on additional styling options for the content items in the Content manager and then the management controls, save, delete and import for content items.

I’ve decided to¬†initially focus on a few quick UI/UX tweaks to improve the interface and experience and then crack on with basic image support in the Content manager, nothing amazing yet, just the ability to import an image as a content item.

Why the change?

I need to start work on the Widget designer, the Widget designer is what sets Dlayer apart from everything else. Obviously the Template designer, Form builder and Content manager aren’t finished, there is a long way to go but the majority of the work is on new tools,¬†they aren’t too far away from having a minimum level of functionality to showcase how I intend them to function.

Work on the Widget designer is very complicated, I will dip into the other designers occasionally either for a change of scene or just while I work out solutions for all the problems that I know I am going to encounter.

Dlayer – Release 0.66

New release up at Dlayer.com

This release adds live editing previews to the Content manager, when you edit any value for an existing content item the design view will updated in real-time to show you how the change will affect your page.

Next on the list, additional options for the styling tabs and then content item management, save and delete.

Dlayer – Release 0.65

New release up at Dlayer.com

Small release, fixed a bug with the selectors in the Content manager and added the logic to preset the size of new content items based on the size of sibling items in the content row.

As always, check the development log for a full list of changes.