Dlayer – Release 0.76

New release up at Dlayer.com

With this release the Form builder gets lots of small updates that improve the experience of using the Form builder and also the quality of the forms that can be built.

A form can now have a main title and optional sub title, a reset button can also optionally be added to forms. The standard field tools have been simplified, the field selector has been updated, a preview form view added and quick sizing controls have been added to the designer so that you can preview your form at different widths.

Check the development log for a full list of all the updates in this version.

Video: Content manager image tool

I’ve created a YouTube channel to start showing how each of the tools in Dlayer work, first up is the image tool in the Content manager.

I’m a developer first and foremost so please excuse the quality of the video, I’ll get better as I create more and at some point in the future I may even add audio commentary.

Dlayer – Release 0.75

New release at Dlayer.com

Say hello to the Dlayer Image picker, the preview that I added in v0.70 is now fully functional.

The Image picker allows you to easily select an image from your Image library, you can filter your selection down and then choose a specific version to import. The Image picker maintains state behind the scenes so you aren’t going to lose anything if you refresh your web browser, here is a picture of the Image picker in progress, sign in to Dlayer to give it a try.

The Image picker isn’t complete, it needs the sorting, ordering and pagination controls for the image list and I need to make the code as reusable as the Dlayer colour picker, with two simple lines of code the colour picker can be attached to any input.

Image picker in use, shows currently selected image.
Image picker in use, shows currently selected image.

Dlayer – Release 0.72 and 0.73

Two new releases at Dlayer.com

Little late with these releases, life stopped me from publishing the first so I thought I might as well wait for the second to be complete.


I’ve improved the users ability to move around their design when content rows and content item are selected, a user can now select both parent and sibling items without having to go all the back to the start by using cancel.


Style settings for the Content manager and Form builder were not being applied to the design views. In addition I have also made sure that form styles appear in the Content manager when required, imported form, and that the design preview matches the design window, it wasn’t applying any styles when created in v0.70.

Dlayer – Release 0.71

New release at Dlayer.com

I’ve added the size and position and styling sub tools to the image tool, I have also updated the design preview in the Content manager to remove the helper content areas and content rows. The design preview view now also includes the Javascript to enable the expand option for images content items when the expand option is set to yes.