Dlayer – Release 0.80

Two new releases up at Dlayer.com.

There has been a lot of refactoring going on behind the scenes, in v0.79 I worked on cleaning up the Content manager display code and in v0.80 I concentrated on sorting out the JavaScript for the image and colour pickers, I’ve detailed the refactoring where relevant in the development log.

New features

• I’ve added a content area tool, it is automatically selected when a content area is selected and will be where the user manages the content area itself, initially only the background colour can be changed.
• The Add content row tool has been updated, it is now possible to add more than one content row at a time, the first content row in the set will be the one automatically selected by Dlayer.
• I have added password and comment tools to the preset section in the Form builder


My next task is simple data management, I need to develop the system to allow the creation of dynamic form fields, select menus, radio buttons and later simple widgets.