v0.99 release date soon, nervous about v1.00

After reviewing my project planner (Pivotal Tracker) it looks like I could be ready to release v0.99 of Dlayer just before mid-September, originally it was planned for the end of August but I have been unusually social during the last two weeks.

I’m starting to get nervous about the v1.00 release, I’ve been working on this app for years, releasing a demo of the beta is one thing, officially releasing the project on GitHub is a another thing entirely, you can’t hide, your code is there for anyone to see.

A large part of v0.99 is fixing issues I would have liked to fix a long time ago, I won’t be done by v1.00 but the Content manager will be in a very good state and should be seen as the yard stick for the rest of the app.

Versions of the app have feature wise almost been on par with where v0.99 will be, up until this point though I’ve never had the app as polished as it now and will be at v1.00 and beyond. There is a long way to go once I release the v1.00 beta before Dlayer becomes a useable product and an even longer journey until the app I envisioned in 2008 is complete. I’m hoping though that with all the work I’ve done in preparing for the Open Source release since August continued development will be much easier than it has been at times in the past, it is very exciting knowing that Dlayer will soon be moving forward again.

There is a lot of work to do, sometimes a scary amount, for the v1.00 release which I will detail later, looking at my project planner there is hope, if I maintain the momentum I have over the last ten weeks it is possible I may be able to release v1.00 in November.