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A week ago I gave myself two options, one, ignore the code smells and work to release v1.00, two, accept what I have been trying to tell myself and hit the DELETE key, I opted for option two.

After the big Content manager rework of 2016 I was left with a code base at odds with itself. When I looked at it more rationally, the Content manager was easily the module that was both the most complete and the one I was the most happy with. For the rest,the order was Form builder, Web site manager and Image library. The Image library and Web site manager were a pain to add modular tool support to and then I looked and thought why am I bothering, the Web site manager is a preview from when the app was a closed source project and the Image library only had one functional tool, upload……DELETE, after that I aimed my trigger finger at the Form builder, DELETE.

The modules haven’t gone; they will be back very soon, the problem is they were stopping progress elsewhere, you can rewrite an app forever to make it a perfect design, I need to ship and iterate.

The Form builder will be the quickest to return, it doesn’t have many issues, I need to update the Javascript to use data selectors and review the model code for the tools but that will be a pleasure when it is part of an iterative task and not a refactor.

Listed below are the titles for the pivotal tickets that need to be completed before I can ship v1.00.

  • Initial work on styling sub tools
  • Add to colour history
  • Nesting support exposed correctly
  • Suggested size for content items
  • Raw HTML content tools
  • Simple nav bar tools
  • Updated tool help tabs
  • Clean up database
  • Apply UX guidelines to Content manager

Dlayer tools code – The great concealer

Nope, you haven’t missed it, v0.99 hasn’t been released, in my quest to support modular tools I’ve discovered how many issues the current tools code was concealing, there is the inevitable duplication along with code that is too complicated for its purpose and far too much similar code that can all be cut.

I’m 85% of the way through the refactor/clean-up, when I am done I will have a much leaner code base and all the tools will be modular, to add a new tool you will simply need to include the tools folder and a small script to insert the tool into the database.

It is proving to be much more work than originally planned, I was only going to do one module initially and pick the others up over time, after pulling back the covers and peaking at the horror I realised that was a not a workable solution, I need to fix it properly.

The Content manager, Web site manager and Form builder are complete and tested, I’m working on the Image Library tools, after that I need to go back and do some additional simplification/refactoring and then re-test again, I’m hoping to release v0.99 soon, I’m not going to give a date until I am back onto normal development.