It has been a while!

It has been a while since I added a post to my Business site. I’ve just tweaked the website menu and removed Dlayer so now is probably a good time to post an update.

Dlayer is in hibernation.

Dlayer proved to be a challenging project to complete. I intend to develop Dlayer however, for now, it is at the back of the queue. Next time, I will approach it more incrementally; I was attempting to create the finished product, that was unlikely to work as a lone developer given the scale of the task. There were additional challenges, but nothing I want to get into here.

Last year I released the initial version of the Costs to Expect API, earlier this year, I launched the website. The Costs to Expect service is in development; we are hoping to have the beginnings of the service in place by the end of the year. For the considerable future, I will be focusing my efforts on Costs to Expect, Contracting and freelance work.

To follow development, please head on over to my blog, I post there regularly.