It has been a while!

It has been a while since I added a post to my Business site. I’ve just tweaked the website menu and removed Dlayer so now is probably a good time to post an update.

Dlayer is in hibernation.

Dlayer proved to be a challenging project to complete. I intend to develop Dlayer however, for now, it is at the back of the queue. Next time, I will approach it more incrementally; I was attempting to create the finished product, that was unlikely to work as a lone developer given the scale of the task. There were additional challenges, but nothing I want to get into here.

Last year I released the initial version of the Costs to Expect API, earlier this year, I launched the website. The Costs to Expect service is in development; we are hoping to have the beginnings of the service in place by the end of the year. For the considerable future, I will be focusing my efforts on Costs to Expect, Contracting and freelance work.

To follow development, please head on over to my blog, I post there regularly.

Dlayer, v1.00

Earlier today I merged in the final pull request and packaged up release v1.00 of Dlayer. It took a little while to release, and during the release, I found a couple of bugs, inevitable, but finally, after lots of work, it is now out there.

Today is just the beginning, over the next few weeks I will create a set-up process, a reset process and finish polishing the base of the Content manager, I will also start reintegrating the deleted designers, the first to return will be the Form builder.

Please visit to try the demo.

Twelve stories left before v1.00

Unless I find a way to create additional stories within Pivotal Tracker, as of today there are only twelve stories left to complete. Back in October, I posted a list of some of the stories still to do, I’ve ticked off a few of those along with lots of additional¬†tasks that I deemed necessary.

Since October I have created a few alpha release but have yet to release them at, I’m so close to the official beta release that I am holding off with any releases until then.

Below is a list of changes since October:

  • Added a Typography sub tool, allows the use to change the font family for the text content item
  • Added live preview for Typography sub tool changes
  • Added an app and error log, site and identity level logs
  • Cleaned up generated HTML, columns and rows not included if they are going to be empty
  • Added helper links to empty page, columns and rows when selected, guide the user
  • Fixed a bug with the toolbar showing the incorrect tool
  • Added a simple HTML tool, a user can add HTML content items until additional tools and widgets are in place
  • Fixed a bug with colour history storing blank values
  • Added Styling sub tool to Form, Text, Heading, Image and Jumbotron content item
  • Added a live preview for background colour changes
  • Added Styling sub tool to Rows, Columns and the Page itself
  • Page, row and column selectors now¬†clear the background colours of child items to make it easier for the user to see what they are selecting
  • Refactoring, UX improvements and bug fixes

I don’t want the release of v1.00 to go into next year, over the next couple of weeks I am going to try and complete the twelve stories remaining and possibly even push some of them to v1.02, v1.03. v1.01 is all about scripts to setup the app and reset the app and create initial sample data; this will make it easier to test after the official v1.00 beta release,

v1.01 is all about scripts, a script to setup the app, another to reset and possibly one or two to create users and set initial test data,