Backward to go forward

Three of the five modules that were previously accessible to users have now been upgraded, I’m left with the Template designer and Content manager to upgrade. The Image library, Form builder and Website manager were all easy to upgrade because they can stand-alone, the Template designer and Content manager are intertwined.

Bootstrap works using a flexible grid system, there can be twelve columns in a row and multiple rows, the specific size of each row and column is not fixed, it is dependent on the size of the base content div, the Template designer worked with fixed widths and either fixed or dynamic heights.

The Template designer is now going to take a step back and just block out general content areas, for example, the header area, content area and footer area, rows and columns are going to managed in the Content manager.

Before adding any content to a content area a row will need to be added, once done, content items can be placed in the row and widths set, in twelfths, the Content manager will aid with ensuring there are no more than twelve columns in a row.

Once I have these basics working and have reached my major milestone I will update the development plan with the removed features and add on additional bootstrap support for grids such as nesting, offsetting and ordering.

After all the above the end result will be better than the system that I had originally, moving some of the layout options into the Content manager means that a user will have a much easier time managing some layouts and it drastically reduces the work required by the modifier system.

Bootstrap support – Part 1 still in progress

New version now up at

All the standard pages have now been updated, as in all styled using bootstrap, I’ve also made the options on the overview pages more clear.

Access to the designers has been temporarily disabled till I finish the styling update, access will be returned on a module by module basis as the styling is completed, hopefully the first will be in a few days but that depends on how potty training my little boy goes.

Bootstrap support – In progress

As mentioned previously I am bringing Dlayer into the current century by adding support for CSS frameworks, initially Bootstrap.

I’ve completed the first step, the website now uses Bootstrap, the next step is updating the designers and tools to create Bootstrap valid HTML.

This step is far more complicated than just changing some HTML and using Bootstrap CSS classes, as per the homepage at I’m hoping to have this completed with the next few weeks.

Dlayer and Bootstrap

The contract I took on in August was extended, add into the mix a sick/teething 18 month old and very little development was done, luckily most of that is over now so back to full time development.

During the last couple of months I’ve had far too much time to think about Dlayer and where it is going, although I am still fully committed to my specification what I have failed to account for is how much the web has changed since I start Dlayer in 2008.

To that end I am going to take a slight detour to the plan I set out in August and upgrade Dlayer to support CSS frameworks, initially starting with Bootstrap. There are two steps to the process, first I’ll change Dlayer to be a Bootstrap driven site and then I’ll update all the Designers so that they create Bootstrap based web sites.

I’m not going to alter the core concept of Dlayer, a user can still do whatever they like it is just that initially the tools will create Bootstrap ready HTML. I’ll need to add a couple of additional tools, new versions of split tools being one example but none of the existing tools will be removed, users will retain all the functionality they have now.

No timeline on this, I am however still hoping to release the first tools that use images from the Image Library in the v0.50s.