Out of date

For the last couple of years the content on my website has been a little out of date, specifically anything relating to my framework and projects. After committing fully to the Zend Framework for Dlayer continuing development of my own framework didn’t make any sense. I also had projects listed that were separate to Dlayer, as time has gone on these have mostly been wrapped into Dlayer.

I have temporarily converted the site over to just my blog with some default plain styling.

Once I am happy with Dlayer progress I will re-instate the website with accurate information, as with everything, no idea when this will be, soon(TM).

Site rebuild and CV

The G3D Development site was created using my own framework a little under three year ago, at the time I was working on getting the newest version of my framework ready for release.  I moth balled my framework some time ago, it was hindering Dlayer development and since I’ve been using the Zend Framework for a number of years there didn’t see much point continuing with the development.

I’m working on building a MySQL Form Builder which will be included within the content module of Dlayer. The Form Builder will be a MySQL based version of the XML Form Builder that I developed and showcased on my site in 2009. I’m developing the Form Builder as a stand alone module which I will later incorporate into Dlayer.I’ve been planning on rebuilding my site ever since I decided to moth ball my framework, I wanted to change the focus of the website and it is starting to look a little tired design wise.Given all the above I’ve decided to rebuild my site using the Zend Framework, I’ll also be able to alter the focus of the site, update the design and include a couple of the projects I am working on.

The new site will still include code but the focus will move towards the Zend Framework, I’ll be publishing action helpers, view helper, general library classes and mini tutorials, the new site will also include my MySQL Form Builder.

I’ve been contracting for a number of years now and after finishing each contract I update my CV, that is getting harder and harder to do, the main reason being that more often than not I can’t showcase what I’ve been working on, I’m either under NDA or the application is private or on the companies intranet.

To combat this I will be opening up the Form Builder on my new site for viewers to use/review and I am also going to develop a shop to showcase what I am capable of developing. It’s been three years since I’ve developed a shop from scratch so I am not too sure how long it will take, once the site and Form Builder are up an running the shop is the next item on the agenda.

G3D Development Website – Live

The website is now live, however, as metioned previously there is very little content.

Now that it is live I will start working on the documentation section, I will try to upload the first batch of classes next week.

G3D Development Website

I’m almost ready to release the first version of my website, hopefully if everything goes to plan I will upload it all on Saturday the 20th, I need to create the contact form, map the authentication system into the controllers and add some content.

As I have already explained the first version of the site will be a little empty, there will be a few classes to download and my blog but other than that not much.

I’m busy with some freelance work for the next few weeks, after that I will start adding more of the framework to the site and writing some small applications to show how the framework works.

WordPress Theme

For now I have decided to stay with WordPress for the blog section of my site, I have far too many other things to be doing at the moment to spend time creating a blog, especially when WordPress is so good.

The theme will match my website, bar a few little quirks that is complete, I just need to finish the content management for my framework, I’m hoping to get a basic version of my site up before the 20th.

Theme screenshot below

Wordpress Theme
Wordpress Theme