Dlayer, v1.00

Earlier today I merged in the final pull request and packaged up release v1.00 of Dlayer. It took a little while to release, and during the release, I found a couple of bugs, inevitable, but finally, after lots of work, it is now out there.

Today is just the beginning, over the next few weeks I will create a set-up process, a reset process and finish polishing the base of the Content manager, I will also start reintegrating the deleted designers, the first to return will be the Form builder.

Please visit Dlayer.com to try the demo.

Dlayer v0.99-alpha-3 released

I just finished releasing v0.99-alpha-3, it is now up on https://demo.dlayer.com and the full change log is on the Dlayer GitHub releases page.

I’m currently working on re-implementing the styling sub tools for the content items, initially just the background colour for a container, we will see how time goes, as always, there is a lot to do before v0.99.

v0.99 alpha 3

I’ve just released Dlayer v0.99-alpha-3 on GitHub, this one is quite a big update, it adds the Text tool, Heading tool, Jumbotron tool, import form and import image tools, the ability to move rows, content items and columns and features the updated image picker.

I’ve done lots of refactoring in the background and still have quite a bit of old Content manager code to get sort out/get rid off but I am getting closer, the release of v0.99 won’t be far behind, there are only four stories I need to complete, 2 optional stories and whatever I choose to finish from the icebox.

It isn’t yet up at https://demo.dlayer.com, I will release it tomorrow evening.

v0.99 progressing well

Work on v0.99 of Dlayer is progressing well, today I released v0.99-alpha-1 which is one of what will probably by three interim releases before v0.99. Today’s release contains the majority of the new base code and refactoring, the rest of the work will be reworking the old tool/view code and adding the glue.

The Content manager has been disabled again, it should be back in the next release. I’m currently working on getting imported Forms to display again, after that I will work on the selectors, that is the only unknown at the moment, I’m not sure how much work I will have to do after changing the selectors from content area -> row -> item to the new row/column system.