Widget designer is on the way

I was going to work on additional styling options for the content items in the Content manager and then the management controls, save, delete and import for content items.

I’ve decided to¬†initially focus on a few quick UI/UX tweaks to improve the interface and experience and then crack on with basic image support in the Content manager, nothing amazing yet, just the ability to import an image as a content item.

Why the change?

I need to start work on the Widget designer, the Widget designer is what sets Dlayer apart from everything else. Obviously the Template designer, Form builder and Content manager aren’t finished, there is a long way to go but the majority of the work is on new tools,¬†they aren’t too far away from having a minimum level of functionality to showcase how I intend them to function.

Work on the Widget designer is very complicated, I will dip into the other designers occasionally either for a change of scene or just while I work out solutions for all the problems that I know I am going to encounter.