v0.99 progressing well

Work on v0.99 of Dlayer is progressing well, today I released v0.99-alpha-1 which is one of what will probably by three interim releases before v0.99. Today’s release contains the majority of the new base code and refactoring, the rest of the work will be reworking the old tool/view code and adding the glue.

The Content manager has been disabled again, it should be back in the next release. I’m currently working on getting imported Forms to display again, after that I will work on the selectors, that is the only unknown at the moment, I’m not sure how much work I will have to do after changing the selectors from content area -> row -> item to the new row/column system.

Delayed v1.00 release of Dlayer

On the 25th April 2016 I released v0.98 of Dlayer, the original intention was that I would release v1.00 and Dlayer would begin its life as an Open Source project. I realised a couple of weeks ago I couldn’t do that and decided to delay things slightly, the v1.00 release is not far away, hence the current release being v0.98.

v1.00? When I make the v1.00 release of Dlayer it will not be a finished or even usable product, I decided that bumping Dlayer to v1.00 makes sense to me with it moving from being a private project to an Open Source project. Ideally v1.00 should be a functional release but in this case I hope you can and will understand why v1.00 isn’t a functional release.

I intend to add full support for Bootstrap’s grid system, to do this I need a solid foundation to build upon. When I made the switch to Bootstrap I tried to reuse as much of my original logic as possible, although I ended up with something that worked it needs much more development, I need to add support for columns and remove what Dlayer currently calls content containers.

When I release v0.99 most of the foundation changes will have been done and the Content manager will have gained an additional tool, create columns, v1.00 will feature the new improved Template designer, after that development can continue.

Dlayer – Open Source

This is a cross post from my blog, once Dlayer has been officially released as an Open Source project this site will detail all new releases, as before.

Original post

As of the 10th August Dlayer is now an Open Source project, I’ve been thinking through my options for a long time and it just made sense, below is an extract from the new Dlayer website with my two core reasons.

Development began in 2008, up until August 2015 Dlayer was a closed project that I worked on single handled, I took the decision to Open Source Dlayer for the reasons listed below:

I want Dlayer to succeed, to do that it needs to be out there, an app that never ships is no good to anyone.

I want to build up a community around Dlayer and now that I have a solid base in place I can let the community have a say in where the app goes next, I obviously have my own plans but would love to hear from others.

I’m still in the early stages of officially releasing Dlayer as an Open Source project, Dlayer was both an app and a website, I need to separate the two, I’m almost there with the new web site, once that is ready I can start on stripping the redundant parts out of Dlayer.

ZF1 Library

I’m starting to re-release Zend framework 1 helpers and utility classes under my own name, check out the first update on my blog.

Dlayer – Release 0.80

Two new releases up at Dlayer.com.

There has been a lot of refactoring going on behind the scenes, in v0.79 I worked on cleaning up the Content manager display code and in v0.80 I concentrated on sorting out the JavaScript for the image and colour pickers, I’ve detailed the refactoring where relevant in the development log.

New features

• I’ve added a content area tool, it is automatically selected when a content area is selected and will be where the user manages the content area itself, initially only the background colour can be changed.
• The Add content row tool has been updated, it is now possible to add more than one content row at a time, the first content row in the set will be the one automatically selected by Dlayer.
• I have added password and comment tools to the preset section in the Form builder


My next task is simple data management, I need to develop the system to allow the creation of dynamic form fields, select menus, radio buttons and later simple widgets.