Framework Release and License

I’ve been thinking recently about what exactly I am going to release, I have to release enough to be worthwhile to other developers but also I don’t want to hurt my future developments, of which one is quite major.

I have decided that I will release the full library and the base controllers and models, this will take the form of a very simple template site with user authentication, user management, page management and a few other default actions.

I mentioned in the previous post that I am creating three form builders, array, XML and MySQL. The array and XML form builder are part of the core library so they will be released with the framework, the MySQL form builder (controllers and models) will however not be released, at least initially. Obviously, because it will be built using the XML and array form builders from the library it should be relatively trivial for a competent developer to recreate.

With regards the license I will go with the least prohibitive license I can find.

PHP XML Form Builder

Whilst at Web on High I created an XML form builder to allow very quick creation of forms. The new framework will feature a brand new, much more feature complete XML form builder as well as an array form builder and a MySQL builder, the MySQL builder will include a full interface.

I’m creating the XML form builder first because I will use that to create the MySQL builder, the goal is to make creating forms incredibly simple, below is an example of the minimum code required to create a form with full validation, error highlighting and support for any form element, I’ve included the phpDoc comment from the constructor.

At the moment the builder only handles the text and textarea input, I’ll be adding support for the rest over the coming weeks.

* Constructor
* Set up form properties
* @param string $xml XML file that contains form structure
* @param string $controller Controller for form
* @param string $action Action for form
* @param string $params Additional $_POST params
* @param boolean $post Submitted using $_POST
* @param boolean $multipart Multi-part form
$formBuilder = new lib_form_builder_xml('test', 'formbuilder', 'addform');
return $formBuilder->get_html();

First Post!

If you are reading this you have either been directed here by me or you got really lost.

What is the purpose of this blog?

Long term this site will host my framework, full documentation and examples on how to use it. Rather then finishing¬†the framework first and then writing about it I thought it would be a good idea to write about it as I created it, the quickest way I could think of doing that was by installing WordPress…read more.